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According to Daniel Wilkerson and Rodney Harris, in this article, a Douglasville police officer has filed a lawsuit against his department accusing them of racial profiling. The officer who filed the lawsuit is Derrick Bailey who states he has been fired two times within a five year span because of speaking out about the racial profiling within the department. Bailey claims that he began to document instances that he noticed and stated that some officers would stop individuals without probable cause. The police department disagrees and claims they provide mandatory profiling training. He was first fired when he spoke up about a shoplifting case at Walmart and the company complained. He was rehired about the department reviewed some cases. Bailey claims that he would hear comments like “let’s go get us some Mexicans” or “he was as black as asphalt.” Even his login name was racially insensitive – it was ‘peccary’ which means ‘black pig.’ This is all mentioned in his lawsuit but the department always has a different answer for these instances.
There is absolutely no reason that any police officer should say, “Let’s go get us some Mexicans.” As a police officer, your job is to protect and serve everyone including minorities. Also, the fact that Bailey was fired twice from the same department, each time after he spoke up about racial profiling, begins to draw some questioning. It takes a lot of guts to stand up to other officers or your supervisor but even more guts to stand up and speak out about the entire department. I believe Wilkerson and Harris did a good job in finding all of the information about these instances and reporting about it while maintaining a neutral stance in the matter. There is always two sides and the truth to a story, and we may never know what the truth of this story is. However, if what Bailey is claiming to happen actually happens then there is something deeply wrong with how that police department is ran.