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In this article, David Warren states that a Texas police officer who had pulled his gun on a group of black teenagers was not targeting them. The officer was called to the scene where an African America teenager was threatening to kill herself; the incident was recorded by a bystander. While the officer was dealing with the girl, two African American males had begun to approach the officer. From where the officer stood, the actions of the male individuals indicated that they might have had a weapon on their bodies, so the officer drew his gun for safety. Warren reports that the officer could potentially have charges filed against him. The officer detained the African American girl as well as a white girl, which wasn’t shown in the video. Warren also reports that because of incident, the officer has received multiple death threats that caused him and his family to move to an unidentified location. The article states that the officer was a “dedicated and decorated officer.” Even though he had created that persona for himself, this persona had all but vanished when he responded to the call, which ended up costing him his job.
“He also detained a white female, who you do not see on the video,” – why was it not seen in the video, or better yet, why is no one mad about the white female being detained? Warren did a good job in presenting all of the facts of this incident, because the quoted stated above could have easily been left out. It is clear that the officer was just trying to help the African American girl, who had threatened to kill herself. He obviously felt harmed when the two males began to approach him, so he drew his gun. As soon as he realized the two men did not pose a threat, he put his weapon away. This incident is over emphasized by the media as police brutality, however, in this article Warren does a good job steering away from labeling it as such. The officer could have handled the situation differently, but he was just trying to do his job and protect the individuals at the scene. Ultimately, it all boils down to viewer’s perspective of what happened. I also believe that it should not have escalated to the point where he resign from his job or receive death threats that caused him to move. Also, the teenagers could have better complied with the officer’s commands. This incident shows the disrespect that some individuals have for officers.