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George Spencer and David Chang state in this article that there are new police brutality allegations after a video of an arrest was made public. In Chester, Delaware County Walter Moat was driving in the wrong direction down a wrong way street when he encountered a police officer. During the traffic stop, Moat was taken out of his car, thrown on the ground, beaten, and arrested. At first Moat was resisting arrest, but began complying with the officers’ orders. However, the officers continued to beat Moat by repeatedly punching him, tasing him, and kicking him. One officer claims that Moat had a gun, although, Moat’s friends could not see one. Moat’s friend, Taniece Day, witnessed the beating of her developmentally delayed friend. After watching the video of the incident Matthew Horace, a security expert and former ATF agent, found it very troubling. Horace noticed that Moat was not completely complying at first, but still thought the officers did more than enough to handcuff Moat. Spencer and Chang include that the Chester City Police Commissioner claimed that no one has filed a complaint or requested an investigation be done, however, they plan on reviewing the incident.
There was no reason for Moat to get out of the car, and police should have just ticketed him but instead he was horribly beaten by many officers. Throughout the video you could see him continuously try to get up, but I understand that he just wanted to stop getting beaten. The officers did not look like they wanted to stop either. It is clear that Moat was outnumbered by many police officers that continued to show up. I would like to know if Moat actually had a gun or if a gun was actually recovered at the scene. It is nice to see that the police commissioner is planning on reviewing the encounter, and I look forward to see what is found and done with the officers involved.