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In this article, the pros and cons of police officers wearing body cameras are discussed. More and more legislative and police departments across the country have been weighing the pros and cons of body cameras and whether or not they should be included in a police officer’s uniform. The cameras are about the size and length of a cigarette, and can be clipped onto any part of the uniform. The officers would be required to wear the cameras during their shift. A few pros mentioned include: minimization of complaints, increase of officer accountability, video evidence will be provided, and protection from false accusations. A few cons mentioned include: privacy issues, prevention of credible witnesses for fear of retaliation, technological issues regarding the cameras, and the cameras are rather expensive.
There are many pros and cons when talking about body cameras, however, the pros seem to outweigh the cons. I believe this article introduces some very good positive factors that will come from the use of body cameras. Along with this are some excellent cons to rebut the pros. For instance, it would be great if it increased the accountability of officers while decreasing the false accusations, but it could also potentially invade many individuals privacy while doing so. Another thing that seems to weigh heavily on the con side is the cost, and whether or not they are worth the price paid. Given the recent officer involved shootings, racial profiling issues, and other police brutality issues, I would not be surprised if many police departments across America invest in them. I believe this will be a good way to minimize these important issues, and rebuild the trust in the community.